Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni holds his ballot as he prepares to cast his vote at a polling station in Rome, Italy March 4, 2018. REUTERS/Remo Casilli

Rome: Nearly 51 million registered voters, including 4.3 million overseas voters in Italy began casting their votes on Sunday for the general elections, the Anadolu Agency reported. Reportedly, the results are likely to be announced on Monday afternoon. The voting is being held for the 630-seat Chamber of Deputies, for which 3,901 candidates are in the race and for the 315-seat Senate of the Republic, for which 1,958 candidates are competing. During this election campaign, the state of the economy and security remained key issues, but one issue dominated this election was immigration. Right-wing parties pushed an anti-immigration agenda. Since 2013, the center-left Democratic Party has governed Italy under three different prime ministers.


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