Washington: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is all set to launch its humanity’s first mission to the Sun, Parker Solar Probe, in July.The US space agency has begun the final preparations for the launch of Parker Solar Probe. It will be launched from Launch Complex-37 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.The two-hour launch window will open at 4 am on July 31, and will be repeated each day (at slightly earlier times) through August 19, NASA said in a statement. After launch, it will orbit directly through the solar atmosphere – the corona – closer to the surface than any human-made object has ever gone. While facing brutal heat and radiation, the mission will reveal fundamental science behind what drives the solar wind, the constant outpouring of material from the Sun that shapes planetary atmospheres and affects space weather near Earth.The Parker Solar Probe will continue testing at Astrotech Space Operations in Florida and eventually undergo final assembly and mating to the third stage of the Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle. Andy Driesman, Parker Solar Probe project manager from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland said,”This is the second most important flight Parker Solar Probe will make, and we’re excited to be safely in Florida and continuing pre-launch work on the spacecraft.” For the next several months, the spacecraft will undergo comprehensive testing; just prior to being fueled, one of the most critical elements of the spacecraft, the thermal protection system (TPS), or heat shield, will be installed.


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