&TV is all set to launch its new fiction offering, ‘Mitegi Lakshman Rekha’. Every woman is taught to set certain boundaries for herself while being bound by the societal norms as well. Such is the case with Kanchan, who is no different. Kanchan, a sensible and responsible girl from the sacred city of Mathura who runs a famous beauty parlor in the city. For the character of Kanchan, the makers have roped in popular television actress Shivani Tomar. Speaking about being a part of the show and on playing Kanchan, Shivani said “Kanchan is a matured character and extremely relatable. Just like everyone else, she fears certain situations and things around her and thus prefers to keep a distance from them. It’s a challenge playing this character because I am exactly the opposite of Kanchan in real life. Having said that, it’s the story that attracted me to this show. It is very realistic and well thought.”


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