Bhadohi : There was a major accident near Saturday afternoon in Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh. In the village of Rohtah in Chauri area of ​​Bhadohi, at around 11 am on Saturday morning, a vault box was exploded in the house. The explosion was so fast that the whole house became groundless. While 10 people have died in this accident, many people are feared to be buried. According to the information, Irfan Mansuri resident of Rohtah village in Chauri area on Bhadohi-Babetpur road used to make and sell fireworks. He had opened the fireworks shop in his own house. The carpet weaving factory also ran in the back of the house. The explosion was so intense that the pits of the bodies and the luggage in the house flew 400 meters away. After the incident, IG Piyush Srivastava confirmed the death of 10 people and said relief work is on. The bodies of 10 people have been removed from the stools and there is a possibility of more dead bodies. He said that the matter will be investigated. People living in the village said that the glasses of many nearby houses have been shaken. It is said that during the incident, some weavers were working in the factory in the factory, many of which have not been detected till now.