Holi is just around the corner and while it is a fun festival to celebrate, it can take a toll on yourskin and hair. Below are tips that you must follow before you are going for holi party, aka you should do Holi kiTaiyari

  1. Oiling with Coconut Oil – while you all know colors do damage hair but what we often ignore is  thatcolored water can even seep into your scalp and damage of hair roots. Only way out is do heavy oiling with ONLY  “Coconut Oil” before stepping out. In comparison of any other oil, ONLY Coconut Oil penetrates both scalp and thus is best protection for hair. Any coconut oil of Parachute Advansed brand – like Aloevera or Jasmine variant would be a good fit.
  2. Use Cotton Clothing – Try opting for comfortable clothes that are made of breathable fabric like cotton. Synthetic and tight clothes might lead to rashes and allergic reactions when they come in contact with colours.
  3. Moisturise skin with Coconut Oil &Aloevera-This will act as a barrier between your skin and colours and it will also make it easy to remove colours later. Coconut oil and aloevera will also improve texture of your skin, so we infact recommend it doing on daily basis. You can try Parachute Advansed Aloevera Oil available in market for same as it if perfect for both hair and skin
  4. Prepare  your nails – Do not neglect your nails as that is where colours can settle. Save your nails from damage by keeping them short and painted with a dark nail polish. Rub a little olive oil or coconut oil on the nails before touching colours as this will act as a shield and not let them stain easily.
  5. How to remove Holi colour from face – So, to remove any colour, first wash your face with your regular cleanser. Next, you use a cotton ball dipped in coconut oil and apply it on your face. Let it stay for 5 minutes and then again use a foaming face wash