Alka Badola, who plays the lead role of the comedy, says that ‘Shadi ka Sipaipa’ is a light-hearted drama show, which contains interesting and fresh content that has created a special place in the television space. While the aliens are a subject that has not been explored much earlier, their relationship with the weddings concept is something new and interesting in itself. Why choose comedy? On the question of Alka, says that in my career, I have played a variety of negative roles in different shows and at one time in my life I felt that now I should adopt another way. Alka further said that we often complain that the backward mindset is shown on television, but I firmly believe that the way women have achieved today in the society, the credit should be given to the television. For the past few years all writers are trying to show a strong image of women and are presenting them in positive light on television. Women are motivated by seeing those characters who are stuck in situations and they are immediately attached to them. I have also heard stories where husbands are also influenced by these strong positive characters and inspiring them to support the women of their house.