Rampur. Rampur Lok Sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh, becoming a BJP candidate from film actress Jaya Prada, has created a political ambience. This time they are directly contested from SP leader Azam Khan. There is already thirty-six figure between these two This time the competition will be interesting. Film actress Jaya Prada took the party’s membership in BJP office in Delhi on Tuesday. Three hours later, he was declared as BJP’s candidate from Rampur. As soon as the BJP got the information that he got the candidate, he jumped happily and started sharing sweets. Jaya Prada has also been a MP from Rampur ten years ago. In 2004, I had contested the Lok Sabha elections on SP ticket. There was good relations with Azam Khan and Amar Singh at that time, but only a few days after the election, the distance from Jaya Prada’s Azam grew. For this reason, relations between Amar Singh and Azam have also worsened. Azam opposed Jaya Prada in the 2009 Lok Sabha election. Despite this, Jaya Prada won the election on SP’s ticket. After this election there was so much distances between Amar Singh and Azam that both of them became the political enemies of each other.