Raipur. The central government has reduced the alloted kerosene quota in the state. Earlier, the allocation was 1.72 lakh liters, which is now 1.15 lakh liters. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has objected to this and sent a letter to the central government asking him to increase kerosene quota in the state.
After the implementation of the Ujjwala scheme, the Center started decreasing the quota of kerosene. S.M. Bhupesh wrote a letter while expressing the situation with clarification of the situation.
“The statistics make it clear that the average cylinders have been refilled annually by each beneficiary. This is because those who are below the poverty line, the full cost of the cylinder is Rs 773 in the state. It has to be bought on it, whereas the amount of subsidy which is Rs 270 comes later in favor of beneficiary. The poor family can not afford this amount in a lump sum. “
CM Bhupesh further wrote that
“Our state is spread over 1.35 lakh sq km, the number of distributors is low. The citizens residing in rural areas will travel several kilometers and get refill cylinders. It is extremely complex, the home access service is also not reliable “. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that this is the reason why the families living below the poverty line need to use kerosene as fuel for cooking rather than cylinder.
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has demanded kerosene quota of 1.58 lakh liters of kerosene in the state by referring to the distribution of kerosene to poor families and citing problems.