Raipur. After a long time, BBastar’s Sukumarita is going to become the Chhattisgarhi film ‘Bali Phool’, connecting the beauty of the scenes and forests with the modern surroundings. Very few people know that ‘Bali Phool’ is a flower born in the forests of Bastar which is very soft. People can understand the semantics of ‘Bali Phool’, so the name of the movie ‘Bali Phul’ has been included along with Welcome to Bastar. This film is produced by Ajay Agarwal and directed Suraj Chandra Rath. Years ago Suraj Chandra Rath made a short film called ‘Amocho Bastar’. Mr. Rath, who is directing the film under the banner of Akriti Film Production, has also prepared his script. Shri Rath says that the image of Bastar is continuously becoming negative in the country and the world, whereas the truth is far from it. He will try to bring the beauty of Bastar and explain it to the world through this film. They say that it will be a completely commercial movie. It includes the story of Bastar, its problems and solutions of the present day as well as the love story. In the film, 55 artists from the Chhattisgarh film industry will play their part. The role of the Hero in this movie will be played by Bhuvnesh Sahu and the role of heroine Anjali Thakur and Astha Dayal. Six songs have been included in this film. Choreography Karan Singh Nihal and DOP Punit Sonkar