Raipur. For the past two months, the controversy over the functioning of the lawyer of Chhattisgarh government Kanak Tiwari has been rising. Finally, on Friday, the matter came to the headlines after the government appointed Satish Chandra Verma as the new solicitor at his place, replacing Kanak Tiwari. The truth of the whole event is quite interesting. If you believe in the information obtained from the sources, then Kanak Tiwari, who was the Advocate General, had caused a serious constitutional crisis for the government with his activities. An advocate named Tripti Rao had filed a petition in the Bilaspur High Court regarding Kanak Tiwari’s appointment of a Government Advocate Against the Limit of Constitutional Position, in which Kanak Tiwari was personally formed party. In this case, the High Court had taken a serious form. Given the seriousness of the matter, the High Court had also summoned the copy of the order passed by Kanak Tiwari. In this case, Kanak Tiwari had presented Ms. Fozia Mirza, Additional Advocate General, who informed the state government without any state to present the case for lobbying. When the gravity of the matter came to the state government, then all the cases were investigated and it was revealed that Kanak Tiwari has passed the order in a manner that has created serious constitutional crisis for the government. Chhattisgarh government was facing constitutional crisis due to the above circumstances. It was docile to the government that in the form of how to end this matter. The basic fact behind the whole episode is whether Kanak Tiwari insulted the constitutional boundaries without taking the state government into confidence and without informing the Law Department, which in the case against him against the law, additional government advocate Ms. Fozia had ordered Mirza. In such a situation, the government had no choice but to remove them.