Raipur. Another sensational information has emerged in the case of former Advocate General of Chhattisgarh Kanak Tiwari. Kanak Tiwari also ignored the rules in the matter of appointment of government advocates, which resulted in the government being in the courtroom. He has given false information about the appointment of 8 lawyers in the court in the matter of Satyapati Rao with the intention of cheating the government completely. Kanak Tiwari appointed 32 government panel advocates without governance and dismissed eight of them after a week. After one week, again the eight people were sacked in the rule of law and released information to create 53 new people of their choice as government panel advocates. The government is badly trapped in this matter, because if any of these advocates are present in the court, due to not having proper notification under Section 24 Penal Code of Practices, then attendance will be treated as invalid. Now, in this case, even those advocates can not get any payments which have been illegally present on behalf of the government by Kanak Tiwari’s say. In this whole case, Kanak Tiwari is deliberately conspiring against the rule.