Raipur : On martyrdom day of warrior queen Durgavati, Agriculture Minister and in-charge minister of Raipur district Mr. Ravindra Choubey, Tribal Caste and Scheduled Caste Development Minister Dr Premsai Singh Tekam, along with MLAs Mr. Amarjeet Singh Bhagat, Mr. UD Minj, Mr. Gulab Singh Kamro today paid tribute to warrior queen Durgavati by garlanding her picture, in a programme organized near canal-linking road near Telibandha pond today. On the occasion, Agriculture Minister Mr. Choubey commemorated the sacrifice of Maharani Durgavati, saying that Rani Durgavati was a brave warrior queen who sacrificed her life for the country. He added that great personas do not belong to a particular community; rather they belong to the nation. Dr Premsai Singh Tekam said that everyone knows the great legend of Rani Durgavati. Legends of great historical figures have been given respectable place in textbooks and their statues have been put up at various important locations. Dr Singh said that it is a pleasant coincidence that on this day of Rani Durgavati’s martyrdom, the new academic session for schools has commenced. Today, the weapon for war is not arrow or sword…it is education. We should take inspiration from Rani Durgavati’s legend and courageously move ahead to overcome obstacles and challenges in our lives and in society as a whole. The programme was also addressed by MLA Mr. Amarjeet Singh Bhagat. On the occasion, Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Scheduled Caste Commission Mr. GR Rana, Head of Sarva Adivasi Samaj Mr. BPS Netam, Mr. VS Ravte, leaders of tribal communities and other prominent citizens were also present.