Raipur. Irregular employees are being laid off in Chhattisgarh. The Chhattisgarh United Progressive Employees Federation has expressed its displeasure over this. Mahasangh state secretary Rajkumar Kushwaha said in a press release that after the formation of the new government, about 5,000 irregular employees have been laid off from different departments and the sequence is going on continuously. To ban the retrenchment of irregular employees, the federation has already written to the high officials of the government and the chief minister, but no positive initiative has been taken. Federation’s state president Dharmendra Singh Rajput told that the irregular employees, contract, daily wage earners, placement agency, collector rate, guest teachers, guest spokespersons working on the post to which regular employees are being transferred are all affected. They will be shown the way out and their expectation of regularization will end here. He also reminded the state government that the Congress had promised to regularize irregular employees in its manifesto before the elections and also said that no irregular employees would be laid off and the contractual practice would be stopped. But there is no follow up on this. He has also said that the officials have become so autocratic that they are not following the instructions of the ministers of the government. He has also reminded that in the indefinite strike of irregular employees in the year 2018, the top leaders of the Congress reached the stage and promised that all the irregular employees would be regularized when the Congress government came to power in the state. At present, there is a Congress government in the state. The head of state had also said from a forum that due to debt waiver, it is not possible to regularize this year, this year is for the farmers, the next year will be of irregular employees. Even after getting this kind of assurance, irregular employees are constantly falling victim to layoffs which is totally unfair and unjust. The patron of the organization Vijay Kumar Jha, State President Gopal Sahu, State Executive President Bajrang Mishra have announced to start the movement from August 25 to ban the retrenchment of irregular employees and reinstate the excluded irregular employees.