Stockholm. The announcement of the Nobel Prizes for 2019 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm began on Monday. This time the Nobel Prize for Medicine William G. of America Kellyn Jr. and Greg L. Semenza, Sir Peter J. from Britain Ratcliffe will be awarded. Physics will be announced on 8 October, followed by Nobel Prize winner in a total of six fields by 14 October. The Swedish Academy will announce the Sahitya Nobel Prizes for both the years 2018 and 2019. The announcement of the 2018 literature Nobel was postponed by the academy because of a sexual harassment case that emerged last year. Between 1901 and 2018, there were 109 Nobel Prizes in medicine, 216 were awarded. Nobel has been awarded to 12 women in the field of medicine, in 2009 it was awarded to two women simultaneously. Frederick G. Banting (32), the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in medicine, received this award in 1923 for his discovery of insulin. Peton Rouse (87) is the oldest Nobel laureate, given the award in 1966 for the discovery of the tumor inducing virus.