Washington. Amid Turkey’s Wednesday attack on Syrian Kurdish forces, US President Donald Trump has said he expects Turkey to act judiciously. Trump has given Turkey a warning that could put his economy in serious trouble. The US president said that Ankara would campaign in humanitarian ways as far as possible in northern Syria, otherwise it would consider taking drastic steps beyond sanctions. At the White House, reporters questioned Trump whether Turkish President Rajab Tayyab would wipe out the Erdoआनan Kurds, to which the US president said, “If that happens, I will destroy their (Turkish) economy.” He said he hoped the Turkish president would use discretion in campaigning in northern Syria. He said, I tell you that I agree on the restrictions but I really believe that if he does not do it in a human way as far as possible, then any step more stringent than the restrictions can be thought of. MP Lindsay Graham and I have different views on this. I think that Lindsay would like to stay there for the next 200 years and maybe put thousands more people everywhere, but I have a different opinion on Lindsay.