Raipur. Music has the power to attract people. The film industry has the potential to lift it from the floor to the hail. All that is needed is to synchronize the music and present it to the existing environment. Some of these are going to be used in Orissa’s famous singer Sorin Bhatt Chhattisgarhi films. Mr. Bhatt, who arrived in Raipur to attend a private function, met the filmmaker Bhupendra Sonkar. He also agreed to do a new experiment in Bhupendra Sonkar’s upcoming film. Shri Bhatt believes that through good music, the audience can be made ‘crazy’ for a Chhattisgarhi film. This will give strength and employment to the Chhattisgarhi film industry.

Step into the world of music with tabla playing

Originally from Orissa, singer Sorin Bhatt made her debut in the music world at the age of nine with tabla playing. At the age of 12, he started singing. Since then, he has performed more than three thousand songs with his voice. Now he is preparing to do a new ‘experiment’ even in Chhattisgarhi songs.

It is necessary to maintain the foundation for good presentation

Singer Sorin Bhatt says that the attraction is in the notes of composers like Lata Didi, Mohammad Rafi. He is not seen in today’s singers. The basic reason behind this is that we are forgetting our foundation. To maintain the magic of music, we have to remember our foundation. For this, the younger generation needs to be made aware.